Street Seen in Beijing, China

Beijing / April 2020

28th April 2020

Street Seen in Beijing, China

Name:  Yanran Papadopoulou

Where was this photo taken: 798 Art District, Beijing, China

Please describe your look: My go to outfit is usually a turtleneck sweater, knitted jumper and leather jacket. Or I always wear a leather shirt with an informal suit and ankle boots. These outfits are good for all purposes and occasions.

What brands are you wearing: Guess, COS, Betu, ZARA, CK

Fashion inspirations: My attitude to life is reflected in my style. I like simple but also fun pieces, and I pay more attention to colour. In my everyday life I usually reach for fresh and beautiful colours. 

Life motto: Less is more.

Favourite Shop: Zara,I.T,UR ,CK

Passionate about: I love going to art and design exhibitions.

Playlist/Music currently listening to: I list to mainly rock and folk music.

Work: I’m a student.